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Plumbing at Titanium

All our Lincolnshire Plumbers in the Skegness area are level 2 qualified and CSCS verified.

At Titanium, we carry out all of your plumbing needs from Skegness to Mablethorpe, with full Lincolnshire Coverage.

Titanium Water Utility Installations

Plumbing in Lincolnshire

Our Skegness Plumbers carry out all your common Plumbing Repairs and Installations. From fitting your new toilets, sinks, showers and baths. To Leaky or Squeaky pipes. Dripping Taps or Leaking appliances (Taps, Toilets, etc.)
See below for Bathroom installations.

Our local Plumbing Services

  • Bathroom appliance fitting/repairs
  • Kitchen utility fitting/repairs
  • New internal hot and cold water pipework installed
  • Leaking taps/pipes
  • Outside taps fitted
  • Bathroom installations
  • Wet central heating and radiator fitting/repairs



Plumbing Services in Lincolnshire

plumbers near Skegness Lincolnshire

Emergency leaks

Emergencies can be a pain and come at the most inconvenient time, we can help. Repairs carried out at competitive rate.
From £130

plumbers in Skegness Lincolnshire

Pipework Repair

Pipework was bent and leaking in this instance. Compression fittings are used in reactive repairs for a faster and cheaper install.

plumbers in Skegness Lincolnshire

Problem Solved

Bathroom sink left in good working order.

radiator installation

Radiator Repairs

We carry out repairs on existing radiators. Leaks, new radiator valves TRVs. New radiators installed and alterations completed, all across Lincolnshire

24/7 emergency leaks

Emergency Plumbers

This customer had an emergency leak in a newly decorated property in the middle of the night. Our emergency plumbers went round and quoted to trace and access, cut out and access the ceiling and trace the leak. Wost case senario we could have had to make several holes in the property but luckily we found the leak first try, the system was of a large property so we had no time to fully drain down the system so we isolated the main stoptap and drained as much water as possible but the system was still quite full so the engineer did get soaked, but nonetheless, we found the pipe had a small puncture in it, we got the pipes cut out fitted compression fittings and sealed and repressurised the system. If left the damage could have been alot worse.

Lincolnshire plumber man

Other Plumbing Services

bathroom installations

Leaking Cisterns

A water-leak can be tested through methods of isolation. If located inside one of the main causes is a leaky toilet cistern. It could be that the float/diaphragm valve has failed.
water tap

New Tap Installs

New taps installed Mixer tap here for kitchen sink. Pipework replaced due to a leak.

Outside Tap

Outside taps are great for outside water supply, gardening, cleaning your car or patio etc. You may want to get an outside tap installed. Book now from £150 plumber can advise on the installation requirements once an inspection has been made.