Drainage Problems

Have you got blocked bathroom or kitchen utilities? Whether you have a blocked svp or a manhole overflowing with sewage our 24/7 service is for you and about your satisfaction. Call us now by visiting the contact us page.

Drain unblocks

Surface water and foul drainage systems can be unblocked via rodding or jetting, we carry out unblocks repairs and installations

" I live in Hogsthorpe and found it very difficult to get a reliable plumber in the last five years.i was desperate I found titanium on line and called them, I didn’t hold out much hope after previous experiences with tradesmen in this area. I couldn’t have been more impressed by this small family business, not only was Harvey a polite and punctual man his work was excellent and tidy he also checked and cleared all my drainage for a very reasonable price."

Barry Montaut

New systems installed

Decorating your house or business?
Get your drains tidied up and/or replaced, for a longer lasting more efficient Water system.
We carry out all drain intallations, bathrooms, and kitchen utilities all need drainage, we install all the above and below ground drainage. Soil pipes and surface water systems.
Kitchen and Bathroom waste pipes and drainage are related to the plumbing page below.

Drain installations
  • Kitchen utilities
  • Bathroom utilities
  • Soil pipes
  • External drainage
  • Gutters and surface water

CCTV Surveys

CCTV surveys are a great way of investigating a drains condition. If you are having regular blockages, or are buying or selling your property there are plenty of great reasons to get your drains checked out.

CCTV Rat investigations

We carry out rat investigations for how or whether, they are infiltrating your premises through your drains. Through high tech CCTV recording. We will work out the point of entry provide you with a full report suggesting further works and how the problem will be sealed and secure for the future. We Have done work with Woolmer Pest Control in the past so we are fully capable in the investigations and have several customers with solved Problems.

Regular Line Cleans for Commercial Businesses

Hotel owners, Pubs, Restaurants, Contact us now for regular line cleans to keep your drains free flowing and avoid unnecessary blockages. No need to dig up your workplace for repairs. 3-6-12 month cleaning contracts available.

Surface water systems

We install all surface water systems, gutters and downpipes, Channel drainage and french drains. Surface water is important to prevent flooding, mold and your garden getting bogged up.


We carry out epoxy resin lining, no dig repairs. This is used for fractures, cracks, leaks and redundant lines. See below to find out more