High Pressure Water Jetting

24/7 Blockage Emergency Drainage Service

A High pressure water jetting machine is powerful pump, where water is pumped out of the tank down the rubber hose and into a pressurised nossle that has rear facing holes that propel the head into the blockage. These are used for services such as drain clearance, drain cleaning, descaling, root cutting.

Drain cleaning

We offer all kinds of jetting/drain cleaning services, from unblocks, root cutting, descaling and degreasing, desilting surface water lines, concrete removal. Commercial drain cleaning and regular line cleans.

Jetting services
  • Blocked Drains
  • Drain Jetting
  • Drain Clearance
  • Root Cutting
  • Descaling
  • Desilting
  • Degreasing
  • Concrete Removal
  • Fat Removal

Rodding Unblock

From £99

  • Internal Utility Rodding
  • Rodding External Drain

Jetting/Cable Machine

From £130

  • Jetting Unblock
  • Small Cable Machine
  • Snaking

Commercial Drain Clearance

From £150

  • Large Coring Machine
  • Stack Blockages
  • Restaurant and Hotel Clearance 
  • Public Service Blockages


Some blockages are minor enough that you can rod/plunger them yourself, but most blockages need to be jetted. If you're the D.I.Y kind then you could have a go with rods.

Surface water

Surface water unblocks are a common maintainance issue.
Silt and leaves build up in your system, they need to be regularly cleaned/unblocked. Book now for an unblock, or see below for more information about surface water systems.


We use cable machines as an alternative to jetting, our cable machines range from the freestanding spartan to handheld sanny snakes. They are used for cabling your bathroom and kitchen wastes and concealed toilet runs. The freestanding spartan cable machine is for bigger commercial jobs like root cutting and large stack blockages. They are electromechanical machines that spin and propel the cable down the line.