My drain is blocked what do i do?

Locate the

 Please Note you could be exposed to Fluid Category 5 Waste, containing your contaminated toilet waste and kitchen waste. Please note if the drain is a shared line the waste could have a high pressure plug in the pipe which has backed up in several manholes this simulates multiple heads of water and contains all of your neighbours waste.

Find the utilities that are blocked

Find the nearest manhole to the utility and if the manhole is clear then you could do some flow tests by flushing the toilet, this may not always be easy to confirm.
If the manhole is full then poke your rod around and try to find the outlet. once you have done so try to find manhole 2 downstream which in the case below was next to mh1 and also the same. So we moved downstream to mh3, and mh4 was clear.
In this case the drain was heavily blocked and needed to be jetted because of the thickness of the waste but the best place to start would be mh3 d/s bring your garden hose and spray the d/s outlet whilst you are rodding with a plunger attatchment or without depending on the blockage you could try both.
once you have cleared the furthest d/s line then if it all runs away then run water down from the u/sand flow test all manholes.

cleaning the line


Once popped your drain can easily reblock as you may have only poked a hole through the middle to be sure you wont have a reblock you should check u/s and it may have not unblocked due to waste not flushing through like in our case. You have two options if it is minor you can flush it through with your hose. If this is not do-able then you may have to rod mh2 d/s to mh3 and mh1 d/s to mh2. Once all runs are clear  you can be pretty certain your drain wont reblock, unless there are underlying conditions like a collapsed drain or object lodged in the drain but you may probably be able to tell whilst rodding it.

In the first image you can see Mh3 emptying after blockage was popped. Mh2 was still blocked so we cleared that and mh3 slightly reblocked as the thick waste built up. In the end we ran the jet down each line through to Mh4 to be sure it was fully cleared.