Drainage Installations

At Titanium Drainage We Install all of your drainage requirements. Underground drainage installations to soakaways and surface water installations. We carry out excavation services and are on top of health and safety requirement.

Channel Drainage Installations

Channel drains installed, whether its your roof gutters or there is sitting water on your property, contact us for a quote today.

Surface Water Systems

We carry out full surface water system installations. New soakaways and percolation tests.

Underground Drainage Installations

Full new drainage system installations carried out. NRSWA Accredited for highways drainage connections. Free Estimates given.

Trenches and Excavations

There are many challenges we face when installing new drainage systems, different ground types are harder or easier to get through. The system needs adequate fall and sufficient access points to provide a decent installation.

  • Drainage Installation, Drainage Excavation
    Drainage Installation
  • installing underground drainage
    Dig Drainage Trench
  • Drainage access point manhole
    Manhole installation
  • Drainage Trench
  • Concrete drain trenching
  • Concrete Reinstatement

Street Works Connections

We, Titanium Drainage, carry out main drainage connections for your new system. NRSWA Accredited Contractors to get your new system connected to highways property. Water authority utility connections.

Mains Drainage Connections

New Roads and Street Works Act (1991)

The NRSWA requires us to be fully competent in reinstatements road and sign safety and avoidance of cables. We have engineers who are accredited operatives and supervisors. See Below photos: Anglian Water Vax Pump Connection.